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Government Job Recruitment

We all run after government jobs. Why so? Because they not only provide a good income but also give you power. They prestige attached to the jobs are incomparable to any private sector job. Also, the job security and extra transportation and housing facilities are an add on which make the jobs offered irresistible. Jobs like bank jobs or in civil services have the maximum number of candidates. SSC is also growing with the exciting jobs it offers.
SSC Recruitment:
Staff Selection Commission has been appointed by the central government to conduct exams and interview for the non-technical posts in different government departments.
It recruits candidates through interview, exam and interview and even promotion. Promotion is provided to candidates based on their performance in tasks.
SSC also conducts typewriting tests in English and Hindi.
It advices the central government regarding the framework of the exams, syllabus, question paper etc.
SSC also has the right to conduct re-examination for special candidates.
Bank Recruitment:
Bank recruitment is a hectic procedure. Due to its high demand amongst the youth, they appear in strength of Lakhs for a single post.
IBPS has been given the responsibility to recruit capable and deserving candidates for the banking sector.
Bank exams and interviews are conducted by IBPS or respective banks; however all of them are equally tough.
This year, a new strategy of recruitment has been appointed by IBPS. CWE would vbe conducted which would directly recruit candidates for 19 public sector banks.
Civil Service Recruitment:
Civil Services of India is one of the most coveted jobs of India.

It offers services which deal with managing the bureaucracy like IAS, or managing foreign affairs like IFS.
Recruitment is carried out in stages; IAS prelims, IAS mains and the interview.
UPSC has been given the responsibility to recruit individuals and manage all the other affairs of civil services.
Apart from UPSC, there has been a commission set up in some states of India which recruit candidates for state recruitment of civil services.
SSC, banks jobs and Civil Services, all three are different streams but fall under public sector jobs. Candidates apply every year, even if they are not able to clear the exam, they keep trying. This is due to the high demand of these jobs. Also, efficient commissions and organizations like IBPS, UPSC SSC are given the safe responsibility of recruiting candidates in these sectors. They ensure that only the best candidates are selected.


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