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Google – becomes the Government

In early 1960 when Prof. Licklider of Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed a method to communicate between computers, the main use was for research and Defence Research project coordination, further the first user Charley Kline of UCLA was the first ever person who tried to login and the computer crashed.

Since the early 1960 electronics developed to micron level and now further nano stage, we hope this to shrink further in coming years, all this micro-electronics technology allowed companies like Intel and AMD to create faster microprocessors that would power speed to computer, which are backbone for high speed data transfer.

1990 was the year when people started to talk about something called “internet” and most of them did not knew how it would help them in improving their quality of daily life, it was believed that it would take around 50 years for Internet to be used worldwide, as telephone took 100 years to reach major part of this planet. It was very obvious people could not imagine how messages would be sent using computer and internet connection, it all seemed space age stuff.

As one would remember in early days of 1995 when we started using computer we were curious what to type in the search box, Yahoo was very popular and people visited Yahoo to read current news, which were typically several hours old. Several companies dismissed the idea that search engine could be a powerful business, and no one would believe Microsoft was among one.

Bunch of Techies where working to make search engine smarter but did not know where the money would come as revenue to support the operations, then came Google, today Mughal of search engine business, even it took for them to figure out how they would generate revenue, but the guys were fast to create a pay per click advertising business model, which became super hit, Google made Billions of Dollar in adverting revenue each year.

It has impacted in everyone who has used computer, today billions of dollars of business is generated online, and companies spend millions of dollars to be on top of search engines.

Recently in March 2011, Google introduced a new guideline on how it would organically rank websites for keywords, the new algorithm called Panda has brought worries to several companies, because if you are not found on Google, something is wrong with your website and business, and Organic ranking generates more attentions than Pay per click advertisement.

Is now Google dominating the internet to an extent were it can change any rules of the game, penalize any website, pick or drop any specific news or happening around the world. If yes, than Google is the new Government on the internet area.

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