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Enhancing Efficiency Levels In Federal Government?s Human Resource Processes

It is important to simplify the roles of various HR personnel and better the system automation to enhance the efficiency of government human resource processes. Substantial time saving can be derived if the systems are assessed before any information is passed on to HR professionals. To simplify HR roles, it is critical to lower redundancy without allowing the cap of government human resources disciplines to sustain employment standards to fade. A major step in enhancing the efficiency of federal human resources is to develop centralized automated processes for federal government human resources that can be used worldwide. The activities should have interface capabilities, be an effective response to the tasks of developing and sustaining expertise in line with performance and also be user friendly.

Through different policies, federal government human resources help a lot of agencies, all of which perform similar functions that are comparable to each other. Consolidating the systems to respond to each agency?s requirements has a reduction potential of twenty five percent. Streamlining functions to improve information accessibility for HR assisting in expediting decisions offer further cost savings. Centralizing the HR functions and systems improves candidate pool numbers by identifying best qualified individuals, implementing perimeters for main selections. These hinge upon qualification sets and secondary categories to meet the requirements of special group classifications. Primary selections widen the candidate pool within the HR processes identifying qualified candidates and secondary selections meet federal human resources obligations and economic relief provisions.

As a participant in the federal government human resources process the site manager has to be involved in the selection process of the candidate.

The manager knows the information pertaining to the actual process for the facility and tasks to be performed. They have to be conscious of the resources that are available to be deployed for the tasks outlined in the government?s work statement although the HR office may not have this information. A site manager should be are able to assimilate the gap between the government?s work statement and the realistic means to perform the job, staying within government stipulations. When the site manager clarifies the tasks and outlines performance expectations time effort mismatches are eliminated across government human resources. This also controls the number of candidates who are selected by the present system, but do not meet the site manager?s approval owing to differences between site requirements and government work statements. In the beginning stages the site manager?s involvement with the process has to encompass reviews of final candidate selections with regard to the work statements of the government, qualifications in relation with performances and government diversity goals leading to veteran re-employment.

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